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Our Produce

Fresh produce is our nature

Choose Nature’s Best

Fresh and delicious produce from our farm


Cheer Farms has been supplying the community with local fresh produce for more than two decades. We are dedicated to the highest standard of quality in what we grow. We find the greatest satisfaction in providing your family with healthy alternatives in our fresh fruits and vegetables. Our local and seasonal picks are always priced consciously so you can save more.

Visit us today and see what we’ve grown just for you! We’re located at 365 Main Street in Brighton Ontario. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What we offer

See what’s in season and what we offer year round!


Please note: Our products in stock are subject to change and supplies may be limited.

Apples - McIntosh, Gala, Honey Crisp, Courtland, Russets, Ginger Gold, Tolmon Sweet, Zestar, Snow, Spy, Paula Red, Ambrosia, Red Delicious Wolf River 

Asparagus- Available

Rhubarb- Available 


Greenhouse Tomatoes-Available

Greenhouse Peppers-Available  

Greenhouse Cucumbers-Available

Peas- June

Garlic- July
Red Onion- September
Field Tomatoes- July
Carrots- July
Cauliflower & Broccoli- August
Roma Tomatoes- August
Potatoes- June
White Onion- September
Squash- September

Brussel Sprouts- September

Green & Yellow Beans- July 

Beets- July

Romaine Lettuce

Sweet Corn- July 

Field Cucumbers- July

Field Tomatoes- 

Eggplant- September

Parsnips- August

Pumpkin- September

Sweet Potatoes- October

Zucchini- July

Apples- Mid August 
Blueberries- July

Cherries- July
Concord Grapes- August
Cantaloupe- August
Nectarines- August
Peaches- July
Pears- August
Plums- July

Raspberries- July

Rhubarb- May

Strawberries- June

Watermelon- July  

Individual & Family Frozen Homemade Meals
Soups made With Fresh Produce  

Homemade Jams & Jellies 

Gift Baskets 

Maple Dale Cheese 

Rhubarb Custard.jpg
Flowers for Sale

Looking to add some colour to your doorstep?

Our Summer flowers are just what you are looking for! From Hanging Baskets to Fresh Cut Flowers. 

Visit us today to see what’s new and on special!

Our fresh pies, desserts cookies and more will be sure to please the whole family. Order yours now!

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